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$450 Billion in check volume exists across providers today

Optimize payments through:

  • Flexible payment options with proprietary payment preference models
  • Offering provider choice that prevents abrasion (ACH or Virtual Card)
  • Simplified reconciliation that eliminates backend adjustments, third party workarounds and out-of-system balancing
  • Elimination of provider print and posts costs
  • Identifying cost efficient payment methods that drive provider adoption

Payers trust Zelis Payments. Here’s why:
Payers trust Zelis Payments to handle their payment processing. Here's why they became partners:
VP of Revenue Cycle, Regional Health Plan
We had concerns about how providers would feel about receiving electronic payments and the service levels that they would receive. Those concerns were quickly overcome by Zelis Payments, because (adoption of e-payments) started easily and has grown quickly.

COO, National Health Plan
Our previous vendor was very difficult to work with primarily because their business model was very rigid… We started the implementation (with Zelis Payments) with some degree of optimism that Zelis would deliver, however, optimism and results are two very different things. Zelis did not disappoint.
Zelis Payments helps save payers an average of 60% of the cost of making healthcare payments by converting from paper-based payments to electronic payments.
Driving savings through clear, streamlined communications.
Energizing transitional health plan communications into powerful messages
All too often, members are confused by plan messaging for enrollment, benefits and billing. Traditional communications were not designed to convey the complexities of financial healthcare transactions and to meet state and federal compliance requirements. Zelis Payments creates communications to clearly deliver information and increase member and provider satisfaction by consolidating key messages and leveraging electronic delivery.
Enrollment Communications
Enrollment materials can be customized to highlight critical information and draw attention to plan details. Get in front of members by promoting electronic delivery and emphasizing drug and network provider coverage.

Consolidate mailings, reduce clutter and save money with easy electronic delivery.
  • Organization of ID card content
  • Experience flexible plan content with on-demand composition
  • Print and electronic delivery option based on plan/member preference
Claims Communications
Turn routine communications into meaningful touchpoints.

Member Communications. Members must understand their healthcare benefits and individual financial responsibilities. That’s why we ’ve created DOCS®, a self-service platform to provide clear, concise and understandable communications. Delivering claims communications, using Episodic EOB® technology, reduces member confusion by simplifying and explaining what they owe.
Improve member experience with user-friendly episodic claims communications while lowering the cost of member outreach

  • Consolidate member mailings and save on postage costs
  • Customize designs and messaging via a self-service web portal, DOCS®
  • Coordinate EOBs with provider adjudication scheduled for improved billing accuracy
  • Email campaigns to promote electronic adoption

Provider Communications. For providers who elect to opt out of receiving EFTs and require a paper check to the provider office or Lockbox delivery, Zelis Payments uses Delivery Channel Management (DCM) Services. DCM technology allows for Cross Client Consolidation, essentially carpools paper payments and messaging to providers across several health plans and provides a postage discount to all participating.
Streamlined communication drives provider satisfaction while delivering health plan efficiencies and cost savings—big wins for all stakeholders. DCM delivers:

  • Lowest cost distribution of physical mailings using direct shipments to providers and banking institutions
  • Postage class arbitrage